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Forest Facts

  • Cardiff Heights, NSW
  • The Groundswell Collective, Urban Hum
  • Planted: 29/10/2023
  • 744 plants
  • 240 m2

The Urban Hum Tiny Forest provides a dense pocket of habitat for native wildlife, absorbs carbon, and offers an inviting and educational place for locals to enjoy. This complete, yet small ecosystem assists with cooling the local environment, improves soil health, and provides a sanctuary for insects, birds, lizards and mammals.

Our native species, including vital pollinators face habitat loss due to urbanisation (land clearing) and climate change, endangering ecosystems and food security. Additionally, with the recent detection of the Varroa mite, all European honeybee populations in Lake Macquarie have been eradicated. While this has been heartbreaking for our recreational beekeepers and devastating for our beekeeping and agricultural industries, it provides a unique window of opportunity to support and study our native bees in the Hunter region.

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Forest Progress

Community Planting Day

School Planting Day