Tiny Forest

Tiny Forest bring the benefits of nature right into the heart of our urban spaces, where it’s needed the most.

Tiny Forest are more than just trees. They are a growing movement that reconnect people with nature, enhance wellbeing, help to mitigate the impacts of climate change and provide habitat for wildlife.

Join the Movement

We’re seeking future focused sponsors and landholders to join the Tiny Forest movement and help us expand our reach.

Introducing Tiny Forests

  • A Tiny Forest is a small (approx. 200m2 – the size of a tennis court) densely packed patch of diverse, native vegetation.
  • Tiny Forest are based on an established planting methodology developed in the 1970s, by world renowned botanist – Akira Miyawaki.
  • We work to identify suitable sites in urban locations, where nature is most needed.
  • We engage with local community members, businesses and schools to plant, maintain and monitor their forest over time. The forest reconnects people with nature, educates and raises awareness of climate change.
  • Environmental and social data is collected for all the forests we plant, to help us assess the benefits they provide over time and between plantings.

Why Tiny Forests

Population growth is driving land clearing for housing and the decline of green canopy cover in Lake Macquarie resulting in habitat fragmentation, species extinctions and rising urban temperatures.

Nature-based solutions for urban resilience, such as Tiny Forests, engage and educate the community in understanding the true value of biodiversity and climate action, and how they can play an important role in contributing to the urban forest.

Program benefits

  • Rapid regeneration
  • High biodiversity
  • Thermal cooling
  • Improved soil health
  • Stormwater mitigation
  • Improved community wellbeing and resilience
  • Education and nature connection

This initiative aims to address and the support the following Sustainable Development Goals

Forest Projects

  • Little Hill Grove Tiny Forest

    • Cardiff Heights, NSW
    • The Groundswell Collective
    • 19/10/2024
    • 900
    • 300 m2
  • Tocal Tiny Forest

    • Patterson, NSW
    • The Groundswell Collective
    • 01/09/2024
    • 1050
    • 350 m2
  • Edgeworth School Tiny Forest

    • Edgeworth, NSW
    • The Groundswell Collective
    • 01/09/2024
    • 1000
    • 400 m2
  • Teralba School Tiny Forest

    • Teralba Public School
    • The Groundswell Collective
    • 07/05/2024
    • 500
    • 192 m2
  • Urban Hum Tiny Forest

    • Cardiff Heights, NSW
    • The Groundswell Collective, Urban Hum
    • 29/10/2023
    • 744
    • 240 m2
  • Lake Mac Tiny Forest

    • Booragal, NSW
    • Releaf Lake Mac
    • 24/05/2023
    • 750
    • 340 m2